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The private aviation industry is ... well, interesting ... As an outsider looking in, there is A LOT to learn about our industry, and not too many all-in-one sources to get the information you need.

Hence, why we built this blog ... To help you, the customer, understand the industry ( the way we do ) by sharing stories and shedding light on the mysteries of private aviation like “How Much Does My Broker REALLY Make?” and “Why Does De-Icing Cost Me $9,000 !!!”.

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Traveling Safely on a Private Jet

Now that there are multiple vaccines being distributed rapidly across the United States and the world, it remains extremely important to continue to be diligent with regards to traveling safely until the epidemic is over.

Atlantic Jet takes the safety of our passengers and crew seriously. Even now that the vaccine is being distributed ... read more

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Fly Tax-Free Any Time Next Year By Booking Now

As part of the CARES Act issued by the federal government on March 27th, 2020, all federal excise taxes on private charter flights were temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.

Although the tax holiday expires at the end of the year, there's still time to save money on private charter by booking your 2021 travel now. As long as you ... read more

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Private Charter: Autumn Events in the Northeast

There aren't many things in this world that can compare to the beautiful Summer months in New England. With that said, the incredible colors and serene surroundings that come each Autumn are simply breathtaking.

Fall is a fun and festive season in New England, and there are activities galore that you can only enjoy this glorious time ... read more

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5 Reasons NOT To Purchase A Pre-Paid Jet Card

On-Demand Charter is the most flexible solution for traveling on a private jet. As soon as you know when and with how many passengers you want to fly, you simply look for and book the most suitable jet for your trip. When you work directly with an operator you aren’t bound to the limitations of a Jet Card, so you can freely choose the right aircr... read more

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Toss your shovel and grab your sunscreen!

It's been a long winter so far this year, and Punxsutawney Phil says that that we still have a ways to go. With more snow on the way there's still time to toss your boots and mittens, grab your sandals and sunglasses, and fly South for a warm getaway.

Our private charter specialists here at Atlantic Jet are eager to help you book yo... read more

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Time to flock home, snowbirds!

It’s been quite a mild winter thus far in the Northeast. However, Spring is just around the corner; which means, if you are a snowbird now is the time to book your flight back home. Call today to book one of our luxurious aircraft at the best rate available: 603.601.2852.

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Time to book your winter getaway vacation

February is right around the corner and what better month to plan a vacation to help break up the winter. The most popular getaways for this time of year are to the Caribbean and Bermuda. Who wouldn’t want to go to an incredibly warm and beautiful climate?

Call today to book one of our luxurious aircraft at the best rate available: 603.610.4491

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Flying Private is More Affordable Than You Think

Most people think flying on a private jet charter is incredibly expensive. It is costly; however, there are these amazing deals you can get called “empty legs”. Empty legs are available when jets are flying to and from a job without passengers. The catch is, these flights are often available last minute, so a flexible schedule is key. Read more... read more

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Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season is right around the corner. With that said, have you started thinking about booking your holiday travel? Now is the time. Here at Atlantic Jet, we recommend booking your flights in advance to ensure the best pricing and aircraft options.

Give us a call to speak with a sales associate. 800-601-2852.

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Types of Private Jet Aircraft

Ever wonder what the difference is between a Light, Mid, and Heavy jet? Believe it or not, there are quite some differences.

Light Jets: Perfect for trips from New York to Florida
- Seat between 5-6 people
- Cabin Height: 5.4 cu ft
- Cabin Width: 5.5 cu ft
- Cabin Length: 13.6 cu ft
- Cabin Volume: ... read more

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Taking A Private Jet Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

When you think about private jet chartering, what comes to mind? Cost, right? Well, not every charter costs an arm and a leg. Check out this article about how to find reasonably priced charters. Call 800.601.2852 to find out more.

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Private Jet One-ways From Northeast to Florida

Planning to fly South for the winter season to escape the cold? Now is the time to book a one-way private jet charter from anywhere in the Northeast to Florida. Call 800.601.2852

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Why You Should Vacation in Maine

Have you ever been to Maine? It is such a beautiful state which offers countless outdoor activities, festivals, quaint coastal towns, and delectable restaurants. Plus, there are numerous festivals and events to attend… Portland knows how to have a good time.

July 17-19: Yarmouth Clam Festival: Yarmouth
Don’t let the name ... read more

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How do I book a private jet charter?

Interested in booking a private jet charter, but not exactly sure how to get started? It's easy. Atlantic Jet has knowledgeable travel consultants available to help you seamlessly plan a private charter. When you speak to one of our consultants, let them know you itinerary details, the dates you are planning to fly, the number of passengers, and yo... read more

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Father's Day!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Stuck on what to get dad? What better than a luxurious private charter with Atlantic Jet to your favorite destination? With our professional and experienced pilots and staff, you can just relax in the comfort of our aircraft. Call 800.601.2852 to speak with a representative about a charter request.

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Commercial VS. Charter

There’s a misconception when someone hears the price of chartering a private jet. Yet, the old statement stands true, “you get what you pay for”. Although it may seem like a lot of money at first, there are countless benefits which come with this price ticket. You can’t let the price tag persuade you from all the advantages that come with ... read more

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Flying with Pets

When travelling, most of us despise leaving our pets at home. Often times, commercial flying can be a traumatic experience for pets. One of the many advantages of private jet travel along with the ease of convenience, comfort, and efficiency, is the relief and simplicity of traveling for both you and your pet. As long as your pet’s documentatio... read more

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Top Summer Destinations

After being cooped up all winter, it’s time to put away your wool sweaters and start planning that long awaited summer getaway. Where should I go? Well, that’s an easy question to answer because you don’t have to look far to find spectacular places to relax, have fun, and dine at 5 star restaurants. Look no further because we have compiled a ... read more

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